the ecologist Julien Bayou implicated by Sandrine Rousseau

Asked about the deputy for Paris, in an issue of the show C à vous devoted in part to domestic violence confessed to by LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens on Sunday, Ms. Rousseau replied: “I received a very long ex-girlfriend of Julien Bayou, I think that behaviors are likely to break the moral health of women ”.

She continued: “They are obviously several, I only heard one testimony. A journalistic investigation appears to be underway.” The “eco-feminist” said: “At the time I saw this woman, she was in a very depressed state, she was very ill, she also attempted suicide a few weeks later”. “It’s one of the questions that will come on the table” at the party, added Sandrine Rousseau.

Asked whether she thought Julien Bayou needed to step back like Adrien Quatennens has just done at LFI, she replied: “We’ll see, step by step (“everything in its time”, Editor’s note). »

“A story that ends in suffering”

Julien Bayou, who could not be reached immediately, assured Le Figaro in early July that he would be questioned by an internal party commission “as soon as possible on what in no way constitutes sexist or sexual violence or inappropriate behavior towards anyone”.

“Unfortunately, this is a story that ends in pain, and a break that comes with thinly veiled threats against me and a form of instrumentalization that I can only deplore,” he added.

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