The ECB wants to entrust the digital euro to Amazon and this poses a huge problem of sovereignty!

Yes, you read that right.

“The ECB has just revealed the panel of actors it is preparing to entrust with the implementation of the first iteration of the future “digital Euro” or E-Euro. If the presence of a Spanish bank or the Italian Nexi will not surprise observers, it is difficult to say the same when it comes to the surprise presence of the American giant… Amazon.

It is an announcement that has the effect of a small bomb and whose implications will probably go well beyond the simple technological or even economic perimeter.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has just unveiled the 5 strategic partners who will have the heavy and historic task of proposing a first prototype of the digital euro.

And, on a European territory yet rich in skills and initiative in the economic and fintech sectors, it is nevertheless the giant Amazon that we find among these 5 players, united around an initiative likely to deeply reforge the economic and monetary face of the old world.

A private actor, of a purely commercial nature, and therefore American. 3 characteristics that we will politely qualify as surprising in view of the stakes – in particular geopolitics and sovereignty – brought about by the establishment of nothing less than a unified European electronic money, very likely potentially associated with subjects as insensitive as personal data and digital identity…”

Of course Amazon is an e-commerce giant, and a web services giant with its company AWS Amazon Web Service, but it is simply surreal in reality to see the ECB entrusting its digital euro first to private companies even Europeans, because it should already be debated, but daring to put Amazon in the loop is simply incredible.

This amounts to entrusting the creation of the currency to private technological entities which, moreover, will be able to impose the use of this digital euro to pay on the largest e-commerce site in the world. So we can clearly see the idea of ​​the ECB here.

By partnering with Amazon, the adoption of the digital euro will undoubtedly be greatly accelerated and facilitated if you want to order on Amazon, but this collaboration between a central bank and a private company has what to raise the worst fears like the worst rumors.

This is obviously how the conspiracy feeds on which we will not have to come and complain afterwards.

Under no circumstances should the digital euro be entrusted to private companies and remain in the hands of the European Central Bank because the currency is the common good of 480 million Europeans, not of Amazon.

Charles SANNAT

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