the debate that agitates the British

The grimaces of young Louis captivated the world during Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee and continue to unleash passions in Britain. Between criticism and compassion for Kate Middleton.

A star was born this weekend. Four-year-old Prince Louis, fifth in line to the British throne, captured the world’s attention for much of his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee.

His facial expressions and expressions of enthusiasm or boredom, on the balcony of Buckingham on Thursday, or on the podium during the parade on Sunday, delighted photographers and the public. The success of their offspring, which has become a social media meme, has not escaped the Cambridges, who commented on Instagram on Tuesday:

“We all had an amazing time, especially Louis.”

But several days after this historic jubilee, the country is torn around a question: is Kate Middleton a good mother or not? A sequence in particular, agitates the parental gent.

“Untenable” for some, or a very normal 4-year-old boy for others, the young Louis has indeed made life hard for his mother, at the parade stand in the honor of the Queen, Sunday. Waving, silencing her with a hand over her mouth, or making a face at her… in front of the whole world, including many parents, relieved that the little boy was not theirs.

“We all know this feeling”

“We all know that feeling, Kate,” wrote the DailyMailwhich compiles reactions from understanding parents.

On the sidelines of the video, published on the Instagram account of the people magazine Hello!, some wonder what will become of this rascal once an adult. Others are outraged by such an attitude. But most find it hilarious and salute Kate’s great calm. Local parenting experts also have an opinion on the matter.

Even Jo Frost, British Supernanny, who hosts the show Extreme Parental Guidancegot involved, also commenting on Instagram: “I love the way his mother speaks in public to Prince Louis, who must listen and do what he is told”, and thus validating the principles of education of Kate.

“Regardless of what the press seems to have retained, she wrote in another message on Instagram, I believe that little Prince Louis behaved remarkably well throughout the weekend and this spectacular fanfare”, specifying that at the table , “most children cannot sit in their chair for more than 15 minutes.” She also says she’s “impressed” with Kate and William’s parenting skills.

On Wednesday, Mike Tindall, former rugby player and husband of Zara Philips, one of the queen’s granddaughters, who was behind the toddler in the gallery, brought some elements to explain the agitation of the young Louis. For him, not only was the show really long for such a young child, but his daughters, Mia and Lena, had also provided the prince with plenty of sweets, which gave him a lot of energy.

“Louis just wanted to have fun. And my two kids are always mischievous, so you have to try to stay in control. There was a lot of candy going around, so he was high on sugar,” he explained in the The Good, The Bad & The Rugby podcast.

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