The comedian Jérôme Commandeur disappointed with his gift offered by Nathalie Lévy in the program “En Aparté” on Canal Plus – VIDEO

Last night, Jérôme Commandeur was the guest of “En Aparté” on Canal Plus. At the end of the show, as is tradition, the guest received a gift from Nathalie Lévy. The comedian did not hide his disappointment when he discovered it.

“What is it? Massage oils? I know the brand. You didn’t get bored for the price,” he said, humorously. “It’s super healthy the oil we offered you. It’s paraben-free, all that. That’s why,” said the journalist. “Yeah, well, it’s nice. I told you, I’m looking at you, so I know the gifts. So I said to myself: ‘I’m going to have a beautiful art book'”, continued Jérôme Commander.

Seeing his disappointment, the journalist offered him to choose a book present in the library of the apartment of “En Aparté”. invites you to (re)discover this sequence (see video above).

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