The cold is coming next week: significant drop in temperatures and possible first snowfall in the plains

After a summer and an autumn of all records, winter makes its appearance at the end of the year. According to the latest forecasts, the drop in temperatures for the next week is confirmed. “According to the weather scenarios we have forecast, this cold should be dry in the east but encounter disturbances coming up from the Mediterranean in the south. This context would be conducive toarrival of snow at low altitudeannouncement The Weather Channel.

This weather situation is directed “by a powerful anticyclone which will reinflate over Scandinavia”.“In the middle of next week, an eastern flow will arrive in France via Germany from Thursday 1 Decemberbeginning of meteorological winter. The drop in temperatures will be significant on the east of our country and the cold will tend to generalize towards the west and towards the south”, details the site specializing in meteorology.

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Winter weather on the first weekend of December

An event which coincides with disturbed weather and depressions located from Spain to the Mediterranean which could give rise to “epiphenomena”, i.e. localized episodes of snowfall. “Depending on the level of temperatures, and if the cold manages to prevail as far as the south of France, the rains coming from the Mediterranean could then turn into snow on the reliefs of the hinterlands, at low altitude (700 to 800 m)”, indicates the forecaster estimating that “the weather could become wintry for the first weekend of December for the first reliefs in the south of the Massif Central and Provence, as well as in the Roussillon“.

The drop in temperatures seems to be confirmed from next Thursday. With the air supply #coldthe #snow could it make its appearance at low altitude? u2744ufe0fu2744ufe0fud83dudc47

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