The cheapest Big Mac in France is sold at McDonald’s in Vincennes

In France, the price of the famous burger varies from 4.40 to 6.90 euros, depending on the city of purchase. “Le Parisien” has drawn up a map which lists the McDonald’s where to find the cheapest Big Mac in France.

To eat a Big Mac in France, you have to pay between 4.45 and 6.90 euros for an average price of 5.4 euros. The reason for this discrepancy: the location of McDonald’s. As revealed by our colleagues from Parisian in an article published on Saturday.

The amount of the famous burger varies depending on where it is purchased, with each restaurant in the chain being free to set the price it wishes for its dishes.

Several determining factors

For its investigation, the daily then drew up a map which lists the prices at which these sandwiches are sold across France. Thanks to this “Big Mac index”, we then learn that it is in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne) that we find the cheapest Big Mac in France, at 4.40 euros.

Conversely, while the burger recipe is identical to that of Vincennes, the most expensive Big Mac is sold for nearly 7 euros in several restaurants in the Dijon area.

But sometimes price disparities can also appear within the same city. In Paris, for example, the Big Mac is sold between 4.60 and 6.70 euros, depending on the district. So to pay for your burger as cheaply as possible, you have to go to the McDonald’s on rue d’Orsel in the 18th (4.60 euros) or to the one located on rue de Rennes, in the 6th, near the Montparnasse train station ( 4.80 euros).

According to the French management of the fast-food chain, questioned by the newspaper, this difference results from the different McDonald’s, free to sell their Big Mac at the price they want. To do this, each restaurant relies on different factors such as its size and capacity or its location (city center, outskirts, industrial area, shopping center, highway, etc.).

Recently the McDonald’s group also announced that the prices displayed on the menus of its many restaurants around the world would be increased due to inflation. The French management, however, specifies to the Parisian that this increase remains moderate and that “everything is done to continue to offer attractive and accessible prices” to customers.

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