The Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Martinique (CHUM) is triggering new

The management of the CHUM launched the plan for its establishments this afternoon (June 9, 2022), in particular because of the large arrival of Covid-19 patients at the hospital.

It is in a brief note addressed to the staff that the management of the CHUM shared its decision.

Given the influx of patients in the emergency room, the rise in the Covid epidemic and the operating difficulties, the white plan and the related provisions are reactivated as of today, Thursday June 9, 2022.

Jérôme Le Brière, director of the CHUM

Already in the morning, the management of the CHUM launched an appeal to the public…due to the outbreak of Covid cases observed in recent times.

White plan = emergency plan

The white plan contains organizational measures intended to deal with an exceptional health situation or increased activity of a hospital. It had been triggered several times since the start of the epidemic in Martinique (in 2020).

It is intended to deal with:

*an event with serious health consequences exceeding the immediate response capabilities,

*an exceptional situation by maintaining continuity of care and preserving the safety of patients and staff.

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