Teams, Outlook… Access to several Microsoft services disrupted due to outages

Anomalies have been reported in Europe, India and the United States.

Several Microsoft services, including the Teams collaborative work tool or Outlook messaging, were unavailable Wednesday morning worldwide due to outages still under investigation, the American group said on Twitter. “We have isolated the problem“, linked to concerns of “network setup“, and “we are looking for the best strategy to remedy itwrote one of Microsoft’s service accounts on Twitter at 09:06 GMT (10:06 a.m. Paris). And on the social network, many users around the world complained that they could not access their usual tools.

I have an assignment due in half an hour on Teams and the servers are down in India. please do something“wrote a user. On the specialized site Downdetector, incidents were reported in the United States and Europe for several other services belonging to Microsoft, from the Xbox Live gaming platform to the LinkedIn social network. Contacted, the group did not respond to requests from AFP on Wednesday.

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The computer giant announced in mid-January that it would lay off around 10,000 employees by the end of March (just under 5% of its workforce), citing economic conditions and changing priorities of its customers, and shaking a little more than a sector already affected by several major social plans.

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