Stellantis factory in Hordain disrupted by strike, high wage hikes demanded

Monday morning, the CGT called on the employees of the Stellantis utility assembly plant, in Hordain, to continue the walkout movement started Thursday at the end of the day.

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Thursday evening, at the shoeing, on the assembly line of the finishing elements, around fifteen employees out of thirty stopped work. Fridays at 1:30 p.m. it took on a general scope: in fitting, assembly, painting, in the battery workshop », Details Franck Théry, CGT general secretary.

Monday, according to the CGT, they were about 500 to go on strike out of just over a thousand production workers. The management rather evokes 100 strikers per tour, or 300 in total. This did not prevent production from continuing, ” but at a slower pace “says the company.

Main demands: a rise in wages “ €400 net per month », a purchasing power bonus of €6,000, the hiring of temporary workers on permanent contracts, the creation of three positions per sector, ie 4 to 500 people. And for professionalization contracts, “ that all overtime on their individual meter is paid “. The union further denounces labor conditions “, with a sustained pace required of employees. It must be said that the K-zero, the site’s flagship vehicle, is successful, so we have to meet demand.

See you on September 27 at the head office in Poissy

FO and the CFTC, for their part, point to working conditions, ask for the purchasing power bonus, and deplore recurring breakdowns on the lines – hardly surprising according to management, for ” a plant that lives at a high rate – resulting in production stoppages and the obligation to work on certain Saturdays and in over timeor twenty minutes more per day, “ but not more than three times a week “, to compensate. Ideally, the site should release 624 vehicles per day.

On Friday, the site unions were received by management. Regarding wages, a decision can only be taken at national level. ” The subject is under study, it was promised during the central CSE at the end of June. »

Monday morning, the date of September 27 was announced: the trade union organizations will be received at the headquarters. On the agenda, reveals the CGT, the study of ” measures for the protection of purchasing power ” and ” the negotiation of an agreement on the early release of profit-sharing and profit-sharing “.

1. Stellantis: ex-PSA Hordain, ex-Sevelnord.

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