Squatted house in Essonne: how the occupants will be dislodged within 48 hours after Darmanin’s intervention

The couple of owners from Ollainville (Essonne) will soon achieve their goals. According to the prefecture of Essonne, a formal notice was taken this Thursday, June 9 by the prefect in order to evict the family of squatters who occupy their house. The prefect was seized “from this Thursday, June 9, thus marking the start of the 48-hour period” available to him to evacuate the accommodation, if necessary by force if the family is still present. According to the owners, the family received a visit from the gendarmes of Egly, who asked them to leave the premises within 24 hours. The couple will then go accompanied by the gendarmes to have their entry into the accommodation noted and will change the locks.

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