Square-Enix (Final Fantasy): this game does not sell so much that it is destroyed in some stores

Game news Square-Enix (Final Fantasy): this game does not sell so much that it is destroyed in some stores

We have already told you about Babylon’s Fall: the game is a complete failure for Square-Enix, which recently announced that it would end the service despite being released a few months ago. As an illustrious example of its failure, the game happens to be given in several American stores.

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It can’t be said that Babylon’s Fall was a good bet for Square-Enix. However, the initial plan had something to seduce: an ultra-talented developer named Platinum Games behind masterpieces like NieR Automata, a nervous beat them all concept and a damn stylized universe, it had something to motivate crowds.

Except… that the result turned out to be quite different. Released in March 2022, the title ultimately flopped with mostly negative reviews and audiences not answering the call. A month later, the game recorded absolutely disastrous attendance figures on Steam, proof of an audience that was clearly not there. This prompted Square-Enix to complete its project.

The Fall

Initially sold full pot, which probably did not help its success, Babylon’s Fall very quickly dropped in price: you can find the game almost everywhere at a discount and you can understand why, since no one wants to play it when yet it is an experiment designed for cooperation. Recently, several GameStop stores have even dared to do the unthinkable: give the game away to get rid of it.

And yet, when Babylon’s Falll is not given, it would even be… destroyed. And it’s no joke, as one player told VGC: “I tried to call 10 stores last night, they all told me they had destroyed copies. Not just thrown away, they were invited to destroy them”, he admits at the microphone of the video game site.

Unthinkable, and yet the fact is real as many tweets attest. Perhaps after all, the title will acquire a collector’s nature after having completely disappeared from the surface…

About Babylon’s Fall

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