Splinter Cell: A free game and a unique challenge for players, find out what Ubisoft is preparing!

Game news Splinter Cell: A free game and a unique challenge for players, find out what Ubisoft is preparing!

As part of the twentieth anniversary of Splinter Cell, the developers of the original games and the remake came together for a roundtable to discuss the legacy and future of the series. We were thus able to glean some interesting information on the reboot of the saga, starting with the very pronounced aspect of the infiltration.

To celebrate this twentieth anniversary, Ubisoft brought together creative director Chris Auty, technical director Christian Carrière, lead designer Andy Schmoll and associate director Zavian Porter. The latter spent a long time on their memories by returning to the contours of the creation of the first Splinter Cell. The original episodes stood out in particular for their remarkable lighting effects, lighting worked down to the smallest detail and a fabulous play on contrast. Infiltration is at the heart of the Splinter Cell experience and it’s legitimate to wonder what sauce the remake will be bitten into. According to those concerned, the philosophy has not changed and players can even try an ultimate challenge: finish the game without executing a single enemy! Complete it in total stealth!

Andy Schmoll points out:

We want to give players a few more opportunities to defuse certain situations. Obviously, stealth is a mainstay of the franchise and it’s extremely important to us. We aimed to incorporate modern design approaches, improving the mechanics of infiltration – minute by minute – that were so special in the original.

What we learn is that the remake of Splinter Cell will not deny its origins. But to meet the expectations of current players, the developers will integrate various new gadgets to diversify the formula. One of the greatest strengths of the game would reside in the ability of Sam Fisher to react instinctively to different situations. We can’t wait to find out and especially to see more!

The original free until November 30

As part of these celebrations, Ubisoft is offering until the end of the month, November 30, the very first Splinter Cell! By going to the Ubisoft branded store (the Ubisoft Store), a simple registration allows you to recover for free Sam Fisher’s very first adventure. What to discover a little gem of the early 2000s. As for the remake, we will closely follow its evolution because it is necessary to remember that the director of development, David Grivel, left the workforce of the French publisher last October. It remains to be seen, therefore, if this departure impacts the progression of development. In the meantime, you can discover the first episode of the saga, so you might as well enjoy it!

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