spectacular fire in a car junkyard

The plume of black smoke, very impressive, was reported in the four corners of the agglomeration of Périgueux (Dordogne). This Friday, September 23, a major fire broke out in a car scrapyard in Marsac-sur-l’Isle.

Large resources were sent to the scene, the breakage was totally ablaze.

77 firefighters are mobilized.

Gregoire Morizet

It is a metal structure of 1,200 m² and a building of 500 m² in which there were oil, fuel but also some acetylene cylinders for welding stations.

The spread of the fire to the neighboring forest, feared by the emergency services, could not be avoided. 2,000 m² of forest burned. A home was evacuated as a precaution. At 5:30 p.m., this progression was under control and the fire contained to the scrapyard.

The prefecture asked to avoid the sector concerned, that of the Marival road, so as not to hinder the intervention of the emergency services. The road was closed to traffic.

While indicating that the fumes did not present “no proven toxicity”, the state services recommended that fragile people do not open their windows and avoid sports activities for the moment.

77 firefighters from nine centers were hired and 37 vehicles mobilized.

At 7:30 p.m., the prefecture reported that the fire was contained and under control, but that operations would continue until the disaster was completely extinguished.

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