Space: the comet expected for more than 50,000 years should be visible to the naked eye this weekend

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This comet had not visited us for nearly 50,000 years. “C/2022 E3” can be observed by space enthusiasts in the northern hemisphere for a few weeks.

It had been expected for more than 50,000 years. Comet C/2022 E3 is expected to be visible this weekend January 21-22. Three points to know before going to admire the celestial object.

What will we observe?

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, this celestial object should be about 42 million kilometers from Earth: its tail and its core will be visible from a telescope, but they can be observed with the naked eye in a sky devoid of light pollution.

That’s it, comet ZTF is visible to the naked eye! Get away from cities and light pollution to enjoy it. It will be closest to Earth on February 1. I am attaching a map to find it in the tweet below.

— Eric Lagadec (@EricLagadec) January 21, 2023

Where to see the passage of this comet?

Just go to the website to get some details. The latter lists more than 150 places in France where light pollution is low and which will make it possible to best observe the comet. Namely that the last time it was so close to the Earth, it was the Neanderthals, at the time of the Paleolithic, who were able to attend the show.

Have you started observing Comet ZTF? No ? So now is the time, we give you the precise map for the next few days.
To share, the good weather returns. Good heavens to all and go out covered, it’s cold, but it does not matter.

– Sky & Space (@cieletespace) January 19, 2023

When was it discovered?

According to NASA, this comet was discovered in March 2022 by astronomers from the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) systematic transient object survey program, which operates a telescope in California. It would come from the Oort cloud, a vast set of comets, whose distance is estimated at 3.2 light years from the Sun.

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