Sophie de Wessex: Coat full of symbols and uncontrollable tears in front of the coffin of Elizabeth II

But if his look has moved the fans a lot, it is her tears that made people talk : particularly touched, the 50-year-old, married to Prince Edward (the little brother of the new King Charles), spent the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, handkerchief in hand, unable to stop crying. Her husband, moreover, was not in a better state: he too ended up breaking down in front of his mother’s coffinprobably releasing the pressure of a long week of mourning.

If he quickly recovered to take his place alongside his brothers and sister (Charles, Anne and Andrew) in the procession behind the coffin, Sophie de Wessex joined the other women in the family, in particular the queen consort Camilla and the two sisters-in-law Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, with the face very marked by the emotion leaving the ceremony.

Which did not prevent her from laying a hand on the shoulder of young Prince George, nor from comforting her own children, Lady Louise (18) and Viscount James (14), whom she had already supported. during the Vigil of the Princes, courageously carried out with their cousins. But it was without them that she then got into the car for a long procession to Windsor. Following protocol, she had indeed been placed in a vehicle with Meghan Markle, a choice that surely allowed them to discuss and ease some potential tensions.

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