Seriously injured Jeremy Renner: “These more than 30 broken bones will be reunited”, assures the actor with determination

Actor Jeremy Renner was seriously injured on Sunday, January 1, while clearing snow from his car in the American West. This Saturday, January 21, he gave news of his rehabilitation.

Jeremy Renner was close to death. On January 1, the American actor was the victim of a terrible accident with his snowplow. That day, Jeremy Renner was trying to free his car stuck in snow on a private road, with nearly a meter fallen overnight, using a 6.5 tonne PistenBully snow groomer from the German company Kassbohrer.

After successfully freeing the vehicle, Jeremy Renner got out to “talk to a member of his family”, and that’s when the machine started moving and the actor was knocked down.

The crushed legs and with significant loss of blood, the actor was taken care of in the first place by his neighbor before the help brought him their help. Suffering from “blunt trauma to the chest” and “orthopedic injuries”, he was still in a “critical but stable” condition until recently.

“Over 30 broken bones”

According to a source recently interviewed by the New York Post, the recovery of the actor should be quite long, “two years minimum”. But Jeremy Renner seems determined to get better soon.

He also gave his news to his fans this Saturday, January 21. On instagram, we see the actor in full rehabilitation. “Morning workouts, resolutions, this new year has changed everything…”, he writes in particular before thanking all those who support him in his fight.

“Those more than 30 broken bones will come together, become stronger, just as the love and bonds with family and friends deepen,” he says.

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