Selim Amallah in very bad shape

This World Cup should allow him to have a real spotlight on him and help him bounce back in sport. Because since the start of the season, the situation of Moroccan midfielder Selim Amallah has been complicated. The 26-year-old had started his season very well. Holder nine times last summer, he had scored 4 goals and delivered 1 assist. Very honorable performances which also confirmed his status as an important man in the Moroccan selection. But then, football is not only played on the field.

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At the end of the contract in the summer of 2023, the former Mouscron player had not yet extended with Standard de Liège, which had therefore started negotiations. But the two parties never managed to come to an agreement and the player had explained his desire for a change of scenery after three seasons at the club. Faced with this situation, and therefore the possibility of losing for a pittance, or even for free, its player, Standard de Liège quite simply decided to exclude him completely from the professional team. Since September, Selim Amallah hasn’t played a single match with the A team. He doesn’t even train with the group anymore since he was demoted to the U23 team. “Standard will not do the job for another club. It’s not up to us to create added value for players who will leave for free. We have decided that Selim Amallah will play with the club reserve, like three other players. And we won’t do anything to increase their market values.”, explained club president Pierre Locht in a recent interview. A hard sporting blow for the player who, fortunately for him, did not cost him his place in the Moroccan selection. During the World Cup, he also seemed physically inferior, even if he was very useful for his coach Walid Regragui.

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Proposed to Nantes, Amallah interests Torino

After the World Cup, the player therefore expected to experience a fairly turbulent transfer window which would have allowed him to settle his situation since his good competition did not change the mind of Standard de Liège, which now wants to part with it. But the club’s treatment of the player is not at all pleasing to supporters who have launched a ‘Free Amallah’ petition to allow him to rejoin the squad or find a solution. But according to our information, nothing or almost nothing changes concerning Selim Amallah. A time in the sights of Nottingham Forest and Valencia, the Moroccan international (31 caps) was offered to FC Nantes during this transfer window. Without success since Antoine Koumbouaré’s club wanted players who already knew Ligue 1. Currently, Standard de Liège is asking for around 500,000 euros to free Amallah.

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Even at this price, its situation does not move many people. In Germany, two clubs have targeted the profile of the Moroccan, but know that he will be free in a few months and are therefore in no hurry to recover him. This is also the case of Italy where Torino has expressed a concrete interest in the player for next summer. 10 days from the end of the transfer window, Selim Amallah’s situation is still unclear. We could well be heading towards an almost blank year with his club until the summer and then change things up by negotiating his contract more calmly and in particular his salary. An option that could satisfy the player, but not his club, which absolutely wants to recover a sum on this transfer.

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