Self-service electric scooters now prohibited for minors in Lyon

You must now present your identity document to be able to borrow a self-service electric scooter in Lyon.

Minors can no longer borrow a self-service electric scooter in Lyon. According to our colleagues from Actu Lyon, the operators Dott and Tier, the only two authorized by the Lyon municipality, now require an identity document in order to be able to then scan the QR Code of the electric scooter to be able to use it.

LyonMag was able to see that, indeed, now each person who borrows a scooter must scan their identity document.

This decision follows long discussions between the City of Lyon and the operators. An experiment on the prohibition of young people under 18 from self-service electric scooters had already been carried out last year by Dott in the capital of Gaul.

Accidents involving electric scooters have been numerous in recent months in Lyon. On August 22, two teenagers aged 15 and 17, Iris and Warren, lost their lives on the Quai Maréchal Joffre, knocked down by a private ambulance while riding the same scooter.



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