second revolution for the oldest family of the Losange?

While the Grand Scénic lives its last hours, we do not yet know the name of the next Renault 7-seater. An extended version of the Austral is in preparation, but not sure that it will keep this name…

Among Renault family cars, everything is not very clear when it comes to the future. While the end of the Scénic and Espace, the only two models to carry seven passengers on board, has already been recorded, neither the next Scénic (2024), nor the new Austral, display this skill. And if there is no question for the Losange to abandon large families, we do not yet know the name that the next 7-seater model will take.. A few weeks ago, we published a first illustration of an Austral “lengthened” by about fifteen centimeters. Expected for the spring of 2023, i.e. a year after the presentation of the Austral, this model which for the moment bears the code name RHN internally could, according to our sources, take on the name Space again.

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Renault Espace: this well-known name!

The hypothesis holds all the more the road that if it were necessary to rename the successor of the Kadjar to the very mitigated success, “Espace” is a name intimately linked to the history of Renault. The fifth generation may have missed the boat by wanting to go upmarket and play half in SUVs, this failure has probably not succeeded in killing the notoriety of the most famous ex-minivan. To see him completely complete this metamorphosis would therefore be his second revolution. After having saved the Mégane appellation in extremis and recorded the revival of the R5 and 4L, Luca De Meo must have clear ideas on this subject. In this stated desire to reconnect the brand to its public, Renault would be well intentioned to bet on “Espace” rather than “Grand Austral”. And even if it means giving a new name to this wagon, a few specific features to distinguish it from its little brother would also be well felt.

All the prices of the new Renault Austral

In practice, this Espace “6” will be equipped, whatever happens, with tricks that have already proven themselves on board other Diamond SUVs, like a bench seat sliding over at least 13 cm and, why not, individual seats? This would distinguish it from its future competitors Tiguan Allspace, Skoda Kodiaq or Nissan X-Trail. To date, only the C5 Aircross indeed offers individual seats at the rear, but the Citroën SUV remains a 5-seater. Another certainty, this future Espace would already inherit a range of up-to-date hybrid engines. What to expect the future Peugeot 5008 with a maximum of assets in its bag.

Published on 09/19/2022 Updated 09/19/2022

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