Samsung will crush the competition with its next Android updates

While Samsung is already the best student in terms of Android updates, the Korean manufacturer announces its desire to approach Google to accelerate the pace on its future devices.

In its latest press release, Samsung praises the speed at which its Android devices are updated. Never satisfied, the manufacturer announces that it wants to do even better for Android 14 next year.

Samsung, already a leader in the field

Depending on the Android brand and product you buy, updates may take longer or shorter to arrive. An area in which Samsung largely dominates the competition by offering four major Android updates and five years of security updates, including on certain mid-range models. It is a more extensive support than that of Google, which however retains the advantage of responsiveness in deployment.

In 2022, the Korean brand was particularly responsive in offering its One UI 5 interface based on Android 13. This started in October on the Galaxy S22, followed a few weeks later by the Galaxy S20, S21 and Note 20. Samsung has been busy offering the latest features on high-end smartphones dating back to 2020.

For owners of mid-range Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy A53, A52s 5G, A33 5G and A32, you will have to be a little more patient with the arrival of Android 13 expected for the beginning of 2023. you understand, Samsung has realized the importance of the speed of deployment of its updates for consumers. A point on which Apple, its eternal rival, is still one step ahead.

Completely outpace the competition

We mentioned Google, owner of Android, which logically makes its products benefit from the latest software version first. However, the American giant only offers “only” three years of major and security updates. Xiaomi and OnePlus offer similar support, but not on all models. Samsung is therefore the leader in the smartphone market in terms of sales volume, but also in terms of software support under Android.

However, the Seoul-based company does not intend to stop there. In a press release, Samsung announced its desire to work even more closely with Google to offer faster updates on its future devices based on Android 14 and One UI 6 from 2023.

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To achieve its goal of accelerating the deployment of its updates, Samsung announces “strengthen cooperation with Google and actively listen to user feedback to continue to update One UI promptly. »

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