Samir Nasri: “I will never forget Pape Diouf and Louis Acariès”

Guest of the program “En aparté” this Monday evening (8:35 p.m.) on Canal +, Samir Nasri evokes the viral meningitis contracted in September 2007 while he was still evolving at OM. The former Marseille midfielder felt left out during his illness.

“That’s what shaped me as a man and a player.testifies the French international. I learned that in fact in this environment we have more work buddies than real friends. […] It allowed me to put on a shell. Afterwards I no longer wanted to open up to people so as not to be disappointed.

Nasri still pays tribute to those who helped him through this difficult period. “There are two people who marked me and whom I will never forget: Pape Diouf and Louis Acarièshe greets. They sent me flowers every day at the hospital, they called my parents to check on me. I never forgot it. »


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