Renault announces nearly €1,000 in aid per employee, Force Ouvrière says it is “satisfied”

The French automobile company will pay a series of financial aids to its employees to help them deal with inflation. These announcements delight the Force Ouvrière union, which sees it as a gesture of recognition.

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The management of Renault proposed Thursday, September 22 to the unions exceptional gestures in favor of purchasing power, learned franceinfo from the management of the automotive company which has nearly 42,000 employees in France. This aid, once combined, represents nearly €1,000 net paid to the majority of employees by the end of the year.

In detail, a purchasing power bonus (the former “Macron bonus”) of €500 will be paid in October, to which is added three months of coverage for the group’s mutual health insurance (approximately 315 €) as well as a transport allowance of €100. Employees will finally have the opportunity to monetize 3 days of RTT increased by 25%.

This aid applies to all employees and temporary workers working in France and does not replace future salary negotiations for 2023, which will begin at the end of the year. They must still be submitted for the signature of the unions next week. The Force Ouvrière (FO) union has already indicated that it would accept these proposals.

We are satisfied“, repeated Thursday on franceinfo Mariette Rih, union representative at Renault. “Given the company’s recovery announced for the first half, it is recognition of the effort of the employees“, she rejoiced. “It was important that in the current context, these good figures translate very quickly into an increase in the purchasing power of employees.

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