Refusal to comply in Paris: the driver indicted and remanded in custody

The driver suspected of having refused a police check on Saturday in Paris, during which the police fired, killing a passenger, was indicted on Thursday and remanded in custody, we learned from a judicial source.

The case of the driver suspected of having refused a police check on Saturday in Paris is progressing. Presented to a judge on Thursday, the 38-year-old man was indicted for attempted intentional homicide of a person holding public authority, according to our information. The investigation was entrusted to the 2nd Directorate of the Judicial Police (DPJ).

The suspect is also being prosecuted on counts of “repeat of aggravated refusal to comply, recurrence of driving a vehicle despite an order to return his driving license and recurrence of driving under the influence of an alcoholic state”. He was placed in pre-trial detention at the place of his hospitalization.

At the time of the events, the driver, who was driving with more than one gram of alcohol in his blood when the police tried to arrest him, was benefiting from a sentence adjustment in semi-freedom, according to information obtained by CNEWS .

Judicial information was also opened today against the police, in particular for intentional violence by a person holding public authority which resulted in death without the intention of giving it.

The IGPN launches a call for witnesses

Regarding the investigation into the use of the weapon by the police, and at the request of the Paris prosecutor’s office, a call for witnesses was launched on Tuesday by the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN).

The three officers were released after being taken into custody Sunday after the death of the passenger in the vehicle.

The passenger succumbed to her injuries on Sunday

The facts took place on Saturday June 4. A team of police officers on mountain bikes had seen a car with a passenger in the rear seats who was not wearing his seat belt. Despite a police check, the driver did not want to comply, fleeing with the three people who were in the vehicle.

The vehicle, still on the run, had been blocked by traffic at 49 boulevard Barbès, in the 18th arrondissement. While he was stuck behind a bus, the police had decided to come up to him, but the fugitive had restarted. It was at this precise moment that the police decided to open fire on the vehicle 9 times.

The driver, injured in the chest, had managed to flee with the car and the young woman, who was at his side, was seriously injured. Hit in the head, she finally died on Sunday evening. Unable to drive, the suspect had hit a van and his mad dash had stopped at the corner of rue Clignancourt and rue Custine where he got out of the car before collapsing.

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