“Recurring problem on this model”: the brakes of his Porsche let go in the center of Valenciennes

On December 31, the brakes of the Porsche of a local trader circulating in the city center of Valenciennes no longer respond. He comes close to having an accident on a roundabout and learns from his dealer that this can happen on his model of vehicle.

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The misadventure of this merchant takes place on Saturday, December 31, in the city center of Valenciennes. “
I was driving quietly at the wheel of my Porsche Macan Turbo, along the Place d’Armes. I brake for the first time, no problem. In front of me, the car slows down at the roundabout and there, no more brakes, anxiety! Luckily, the vehicle that I am in does not take long to restart. I do not hit it and manage the complete stop of my Porsche with the handbrake button of the automatic gearbox.

The pads had just been changed.

The 40-year-old thinks he went through a beautiful door. The day before, he had returned from vacation, driving on the highway, with his wife and children in the same vehicle. ” This Porsche is from 2016, I bought it used from a dealer (Editor’s note: in the South). The review was done a year ago. It has always been maintained by a garage approved by the brand. The pads had just been changed. I have a hard time accepting what happened to me. »

Improperly fitted stirrups

It is not the model, nor the manufacturer, which are in question. For the manager of the Lille Porsche dealership, where the owner left his vehicle for repair, this is the brake assembly. “
The problem is recurring on this model. It is also well spotted by the brand’s dealers. If the calipers are incorrectly fitted, the hose tears off and the brakes eventually fail.
» For him, the car is no longer under warranty, the driver should turn against the mechanic who took care of the assembly.

According to the latest news, the owner has benefited from a commercial gesture from the Lille dealership. Estimated on estimate at 1,000 euros, the intervention will have finally cost him half. One thing is certain, the next time he changes his brakes, he will remind the mechanic of how the calipers should be fitted. It’s the kind of episode you don’t want to live twice.

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