Pyrenees: Busy chasing a calf, the police come across a mummified corpse

While in pursuit of an escaped calf, the Tarbes police made a macabre discovery.

On the night of Monday September 19 to Tuesday September 20, a corpse was discovered, in special circumstances, in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées), reports The New Republic of the Pyrenees.

While they were busy running after a calf, escaped from the slaughterhouse, and seen running on the Tarbes ring road around 1 a.m., the police discovered a body in a state of mummification.

Scheduled autopsy

The latter, whose identity remains unknown, was lying in the Gespe River, near the city hospital. An investigation was opened and an autopsy of the body ordered. It should be practiced at the end of the week at the Forensic Institute of Toulouse and make it possible to determine the cause and the approximate date of death, as well as elements of identity.

The calf, meanwhile, was only brought under control several hours later, thanks to the continuous efforts of the police officers. “He ended up getting in the truck” around 7:30 am, tells the breeder to our colleagues.

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