Purchasing power: three towns in Occitania in the ranking of the least expensive in France

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Faced with the general rise in prices, all French people are not equal. Le Parisien has established the ranking of cities where life is cheaper. Three towns in Occitania are in the Top 20.

The “country” where life is cheaper? It’s the Southwest! Are all the cities of France on an equal footing in the face of the general price increase which has a strong impact on the wallets of the French? No, according to a study by the Parisian and published this Friday.

To establish this ranking, the daily compiled for the 96 mainland city-prefectures the average salary, the price of a shopping basket based on the UFC Que Choisir Consumption Observatory, the price of transport (price average at the pump in mid-November and price of public transport), real estate, a cinema ticket and the rate of property tax.

The least expensive city in France would be Niort with 14.16/20 according to the ranking, ahead of Châteauroux rated 13.56/20 and Laval with 13.21/20. The first city in Occitania is Rodez in 10th place with 12.28/20. The Top 20 mentions two other towns in Occitania: Foix in 14th place with a score of 12.12/20 and Montauban in 18th place with 11.99/20.

Other cities in the South West are ranked between 20th and 30th place: Pau is 21st with 11.93/20, Cahors is in 23rd place with 11.81/20 and Agen is 26th with 11.68/20 . Albi is 33rd with 11.53/20. We have to wait for 46th place to find Toulouse. The Pink City obtains the score of 11.13/20. Auch is 53rd with 10.76/20. Carcassonne is very far in the ranking in 78th place with 10.03/20. Finally Tarbes is at the bottom of the ranking in 94th place with a score of 8.99/20.

Rodez, the highest ranked city in Occitania, obtains this excellent 10th place thanks to the combination of cheaper races and a lower than average property price, according to the authors of the study.

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