PS5 Slim: the next PlayStation would drop the Blu-ray player and here’s why

News hardware PS5 Slim: the next PlayStation would drop the Blu-ray player and here’s why

Thunderbolt in the world of consoles. Sony is about to abandon, for the first time, entirely its integrated disc player. Are we heading towards a PS5 Slim and above all why go all-digital?

A new PS5 Slim reviewed and corrected!

According to a well-known insider in the JV environment,
Tom Handerson

Sony is going to make big changes to its new PS5. A radical modification that will have a direct impact on the entire range of PlayStation 5.

Insider sources all point to a more compact version of the PS5, but with the same graphics components. CPU would not change, on the other hand it will be necessary to say goodbye to the integrated Blu-Ray player. This is the great revolution for the console. Who says smaller, says that you have to make choices. Sony probably decided to get rid of it for several reasons which we will detail later in the article.

To be more precise, the Blu-ray reader should not disappear, it would become optional, therefore sold separately. We suspect that it will not simply be a reader that will be placed next to the console. According to the insider, the aesthetics of the console will not be affected.

This portends integration, either in the case or integrated into the chassis of the new PS5. One of his sources states that this reader will be connected via a USB-C port on the back of the console. It would therefore rather go to a placement outside the console.

This information suggests a new PS5 Slim. The timing is also quite logical. According to him, this new version would arrive around September 2023. As a reminder, the PS4 was released in November 2013 and the PS4 Slim in September 2016. Three years therefore separate the two consoles. Knowing that the PS5 was released in November 2020, it makes sense that September 2023 would be the date for a PS5 Slim.

Why modify the PS5 when it works very well?

The reasons for this improvement are manifold. Obviously, there is an economic aspect that takes precedence over this new PS5. For Sony, this would make it possible to manufacture only one PS5 and not two. Changing a production line to switch from one model to another costs both money and time. The Japanese manufacturer therefore simplifies its production apparatus and makes large-scale savings.

Always on the economic aspect, it is a question of removing the only moving element in the console, besides the fan. This is often where the first malfunctions of the PS5 come from. The cost of after-sales service is therefore reduced. Fewer customer returns equals more profit.

The third aspect, still economical, but more insidious, is that 100% digital versions with an option for a player, push people to take a PlayStation Plus subscription instead. In the short term, the customer makes a good deal, but in the long run it becomes more profitable for Sony. A dematerialized game necessarily brings in more money than its physical version.

Finally, the last point, it is in favor of the customer. Pulling out the Blu-ray player allows in case of breakage to be able to replace it directly, without having to have your entire console repaired or send it to Sony after-sales service. If it is no longer under warranty, you will have to pay the repair costs. A removable CD drive is therefore good news for the repairability of the new PS5.

The end of the physical game for the new PS5?

Sony is potentially heading towards a world of video games where the physical medium no longer has its place. Between the PlayStation Plus service and its dematerialized game store, discs have a hard time. It’s even surprising that it took so long for the change to be made. In the rest of the entertainment industry, such as films in particular, the CD has largely disappeared. The world of video games is one of the sectors where this medium is still common.

It is all the same a paradox, the best-selling model of the PS5 is the version with the reader while the majority of games are sold in dematerialized form. In a report of
will reset

we learned that only 20% of games between PS4 and PS5 were sold in physical. A part today ultra minority.

The PS5 Slim should look like the PS5 Digital Edition, only more compact

Sony is therefore making a bet that does not commit it too much, by betting on all-digital. And for die-hard fans of the physical format, there will be an option. So it will really be show that playing on CDs is optional and that the best is to go dematerialized.

Summary of the characteristics of the new PS5 Slim

It’s an extension of Sony’s all-digital strategy. This is one more step towards a virtual-only video game industry. This new PS5 Slim allows for a more compact console than the current bulky PlayStation 5. Pulling out the Blu-Ray drive will also reduce hardware breakage, improving the reliability of the console.

This new chassis should be called “chassis D”. Versions A, B and C are the versions currently sold. Model C is
the next-gen PS5
which has just been marketed in Australia, with reduced weight and better optimization.

What to remember about this new PS5 Slim:

  • New, more compact chassis
  • A single digital-only model (Blu-ray player absent by default, but possibility to add a removable one)
  • Same power as previous version
  • Probable release in September 2023
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