Prince Harry, furious, snubbed a dinner with Charles and William out of revenge for Meghan!

The death of Elizabeth II is far from having calmed relations between Prince Harry and the royal family. The husband of Meghan Markle attended the royal ceremonies in tribute to the queen with dignity, but behind the photographs and official messages would hide many tensions. The youngest son of the late Lady Diana (38) would have snubbed a dinner with his father, Charles III and his older brother William in Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the day of the death of the 96-year-old sovereign.

A reaction to the fact that the Duchess of Sussex was not allowed to join them, a decision signed by the new king. Prince Harry would not have digested that King Charles III refused the presence of Meghan Markle with the royal family at Balmoral where she was grieving. To show his anger, the Duke of Sussex then boycotted a dinner organized the very evening of the disappearance of the illustrious Briton, according to The Sun. It seemed essential for Harry that his wife be by his side and those of his family at the time of the final farewell to Elizabeth II. While he was with his wife in Europe for various official events, Harry even missed his flight to arrive in Aberdeen in Scotland, delayed by this argument, and therefore arrived after the death of his grandmother.

It was through a phone call that Charles would have informed his son Harry that it was inappropriate for the heroine of the series Suits be present. What provoke the ire of Harry who tried to argue and allow the mother of his children Archie and Lilibet to be present. Their telephone exchange would then have caused Harry to be late, which caused him to miss the flight taken by William and his uncles Andrew and Edward to Scotland. After refusing to reunite with her father, Queen Consort Camilla, and William, dined with her Uncle Edward and his wife Sophie of Wessex. Harry was then the first of the members of the royal family to leave the Scottish castle to return to London, he was notably noticed being consoled by an employee of the airport.

Behind the “Fab Four”, many disputes…

This information adds to the long list of disputes that have arisen in the ten days of tributes organized for Her Majesty, between Harry and Meghan who left their royal duties in 2020 and are installed in the United States, and the “Firm”, nickname given to the monarchy. The ban on wearing his military clothes – except for the vigil of the princes but during which he had the right to royal insignia – or his absence with Meghan during the reception given by his father to international dignitaries did not escape to the media. Despite everything, the Sussexes have made a good figure by appearing alongside William and Kate during this period of mourning, then reaping the tender name of Fab Four.

Since the evening of September 19, Elizabeth II has found her eternal destination, within the chapel of Windsor Castle. According to expert Neil Sean, Meghan would have liked to have a private interview with Charles III in order to clarify things, before reuniting with her dear children, Archie (3 years old) and Lilibet (1 year old), who remained with the mother of the actress. , Doria Ragland, in the United States. What other sources, close to the royal family, refute. It seems unlikely to them that Harry’s wife disturbed the king in this way in the midst of mourning. We may know more when the already controversial memoir of Prince Harry is published.

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