Pierre and Fred (Love is in the meadow) embark on a lucrative business: their fans cry foul!

In 2012, viewers of Love is in the meadow witnessed the love at first sight between Pierre, cereal farmer and producer of Armagnac, and Frédérique, enamored suitor. More than ten years after the end of this seventh season, they still live in great love. Now parents of a little Gabriel (born in 2013) and partners on their farm, the lovebirds are more active than ever and have a large number of fans.

Taking into account these criteria and their passion for social networks, the lovers have decided to take a very important step. On Thursday January 19, 2023, they took over their Instagram account to post a rather special video. Side by side and more radiant than ever, Pierre and Frédérique played the transparency card to announce their new project to their 125,000 subscribers. “Fred gave a lot on the farm but I know that she has so many other qualities, so many other potentials that we cannot use 100% in our agricultural production…“, began the father of the family. There follows a long speech on the many talents of his companion, his clothing and decorative tastes as well as his gifts as a handyman… Finally, at the end of a five-minute long video, the lovebirds have announced that they are officially embarking on the influence and product placements. If many subscribers have encouraged the couple, this 180° turn is obviously not to everyone’s taste…

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