Perpignan – Purchasing power: At Pain Catalan, “the cheapest artisanal baguette in France” goes like hot cakes

Frédérick and Carole Pichon are bakers from Dunkirk who have been living in Perpignan since last April, near the Arago high school.

It was an article in Le Parisien about a baker in the Meuse boasting of selling the cheapest baguette in France – at 75 euro cents – which sparked Evan, 22, , the son of Frédérick and Carole Pichon, bakers and pastry chefs based in the Saint-Martin district (under the arcades, next to the G20 Market*). “In fact we hadn’t read the paper, but what tickled us a little – and also the reason why I wanted to rectify the truth – is that our artisanal baguette, we were already selling it for 70 cents in our bakery in Dunkirk, i.e. 5 cents less than our colleague in the Meuse” says this very friendly couple of craftsmen.

The entire Pichon family: from l. to d. Frédérick, Carole, the son-in-law, the daughter-in-law with Evan their son, and Lisa, their daughter. without forgetting the two little girls and cousins.
Olivier Got/ The Independent – Olivier GOT

This wand is a bit our trademark continues Frédérick Pichon. Why make customers from Perpignan pay more than those from the North? To make it, I use exactly the same ingredients in Perpignan as in Dunkirk. The only thing that has changed is that since we took over this business, I get my supplies from a Narbonnais miller.”

And to give us his recipe without hesitation: “250 grams of Type 65 flour (it takes 2 kilos of flour to make 10 baguettes), 8 g of yeast, 18 g of salt and 700 g of water. I bake in an oven at a temperature between 250° and 270 ° and I take out about 300 baguettes a day which, I admit, go very quickly.”

Frédérick Pichon confides again: “With us nothing is thrown away: the (rare) Unsold chopsticks are donated to charities or people who have pets that eat bread.”

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* 13 avenue du President Doumer.

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