Pension reform: the government ready to negotiate? Gabriel Attal evokes possible “enrichments”

While more than a million people marched in France this Thursday, January 19, 2023 and a new day of strike is scheduled for January 31, the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts is trying to calm things down this Sunday.

Bring the tension down. The day after a demonstration of young people in Paris launched by the Insoumis, and during which the pension reform wanted by the government was sharply criticized in particular by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Gabriel Attal, the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts plays the card appeasement.

In an interview posted online by Le Parisien this Saturday evening, the latter ensures in particular that the government is well aware of the consequences of the reform project for the lives of the French, and of the anxiety that this reform causes.

“It’s up to us to convince them, to get in touch. Nothing is played”, explains Gabriel Attal, before once again praising the interests of a text that the population, opinion poll after survey of opinion, continues to reject. But the former spokesperson then conceded: “There remains the question of postponing the starting age. There, many consider that the effort is not shared fairly fairly.”

“We are not condemned to arm wrestling”

Should we see this as an axis of negotiation between the executive, the opposition and the unions? This postponement of the retirement age to 64 years being at the center of all the tensions… Nothing is less certain, while the draft text of the law is presented this Monday in the Council of Ministers.

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“I respect the upcoming parliamentary debate. On all subjects, we are open to enrichments”, explains in particular the Minister Delegate, who also takes the opportunity to limit future discussions: the guarantee of “the balance of the system in 2030 without tax increase”.

And Gabriel Attal to want to be optimistic, calling, in hollow, to avoid a total blockage of the country in the coming weeks: “I deeply believe that we are not condemned to arm wrestling”.

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