Pension reform: the Assembly could “adjust” the text according to Emmanuel Macron, who wants to “convince and move forward”

This Sunday, January 22, Emmanuel Macron was questioned about the government’s plan to reform pensions as part of the 60th anniversary of the Franco-German friendship treaty.

What will pension reform look like? While the project carried by Elisabeth will be presented this Monday, January 23 in the Council of Ministers, President Emmanuel Macron indicated that Parliament could “adjust” the text.

The French government has already shown “openness” about its pension reform and the ball is now in the court of parliamentarians to possibly further adjust this text, Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday.

Three days after large demonstrations across France against this reform planning to postpone the legal retirement age by two years, to 64, and to accelerate the increase in the number of quarters necessary for a full pension , the President of the Republic expressed the wish that “democratic life follow its course in such a way that it is peaceful and that there is the least possible nuisance for our compatriots”, while the unions have already planned a new day of mobilization on January 31 with, until then, possible categorical actions.

The time of the government then that of Parliament

“Now is the time of the government and then the time of Parliament,” said Emmanuel Macron.

The Head of State once again judged that he had received the “mandate” to carry out this pension reform during his re-election in the spring of 2022, after having during the campaign proposed to raise the retirement age to 65. retirement.

“There has already been an opening, a change and therefore I believe that there, it is necessary to be able to advance that the government can do its job with Parliament, with serenity, the will to convince and to move the country forward”, a- he said during a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz after a Franco-German council of ministers in Paris.

Emmanuel Macron on the pension reform: “I hope that the government, with parliamentarians, can work on the text and adjust it”

— BFMTV (@BFMTV) January 22, 2023

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