Pension reform: Philippe Martinez calls on employees to “make themselves heard louder” and does not rule out strikes during the holidays

The secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, on Wednesday called on opponents of the pension reform to “make themselves heard louder”, through renewable strikes in particular, if the government continues to turn a deaf ear to their demands. .

“We wish the CGT that wherever possible, there are strikes”he declared at the microphone of France Info, while recalling that “It’s the employees who decide”.

“If the government does not measure the discontent and the number of people who were in demonstration and on strike on January 19, there is a small problem and we will have to make the motivations of these strikes heard a little louder”added Philippe Martinez.

ud83dudde3 New strikes announced at SNCF u27a1ufe0f “There is a second day of interprofessional mobilization on Tuesday, January 31. There will be things in each sector,” says the general secretary of the CGT. that wherever possible there are strikes.”

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) January 25, 2023

The CGT Cheminots and Sud-Rail launched on Tuesday a call for a two-day strike on February 7 and 8, beyond the day of inter-union mobilization of January 31. The CFDT Cheminots said they wanted to succeed first the day of the 31 before considering what to do next.

Asked about the possibility of a “social truce” during the winter holidays, which run from February 4 to March 5, Philippe Martinez replied that he did not have “understood that the government was making a truce on the reform, what do you want me to tell you?”.

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ud83dudde3 Towards renewable strikes? u27a1ufe0f “If ministers put their heads in the sand and say ‘nothing is happening’, we will have to make our voices heard louder.”

No break for the holidays? “I did not understand that the government was making a truce on the reform.”

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) January 25, 2023

The unions are unanimously opposed to the postponement to 64 of the legal retirement age, pillar of the reform wanted by Emmanuel Macron which the executive excludes for the time being to give up.

“The more people there are in the streets, the more it makes elected officials think”underlined Philippe Martinez, while the examination of the reform project by the Parliament must begin at the beginning of February.

ud83dudde3 Power cuts u27a1ufe0f “It’s not about targeting people, except a few billionaires,” says Philippe Martinez, who instead emphasizes “Robin Hood operations.” “The day of the 19 marked the landscape. All elected officials are accountable to their constituents.”

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) January 25, 2023

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