“Penalized women”, Swedish model, obstruction… The 5 highlights of the pension debate

Financing the reform, raising the retirement age… Olivier Véran, Mathilde Panot and Jordan Bardella crossed swords this Tuesday evening on the raising of the retirement age.

The government is working to defend its pension reform, after a day of mobilization deemed successful at the end of last week. Opposition is headwind against retirement at 64. Olivier Véran, Mathilde Panot and Jordan Bardella clashed this Tuesday evening on BFMTV.

• Véran does not “consider that women will be penalized”

The Minister for Relations with Parliament, Franck Riester, argued Monday evening that women would be “a little penalized” by the postponement of the legal age, which will increase to 64 in 2030. To defend the reform, Elisabeth Borne denounced during questions to the government “a bogus trial”.

“I do not consider that women will be penalized” by the decline in the starting age, said Olivier Véran, the government spokesperson this Tuesday evening on BFMTV.

• Véran disputes the comparison between the pension reform and the Swedish system

A few days ago, the man who carried out the Swedish reform pushing back the pivotal retirement age at 65 advised Emmanuel Macron “not to copy this model”. In Sweden, according to a study of the pension fund72% of retired men and 92% of retired women experienced a drop in their purchasing power and their pension.

“Between Sweden and France, it’s two worlds in terms of retirement. It has absolutely nothing to do,” said the government spokesperson, citing “a points system” and a “large share of capitalization” among our neighbours.

• Panot wants to go “look in the right pockets” for money for pensions

The president of the LFI group in the National Assembly and the government spokesperson discussed the financing of retirement pensions in France. “I consider that 12 billion deficit per year is irresponsible, you consider that it is not a problem, but the money is not magic”, declared Olivier Véran.

“Money is not magic, it has to be found in the right pockets,” replied Mathilde Panot.

• Bardella calls for “boosting the birth rate”

The president of the National Rally calls for “reviving and supporting the birth rate” in France in order to increase the number of contributors compared to the number of retirees.

“France has never been so populated and it has never had so few babies. The babies of 2023 are the contributors of 2043”, declared Jordan Bardella on our antenna.

With 723,000 births recorded in 2022, the birth rate in France has never been so low since 1946.

• Panot will “obstruction” the reform with “thousands of amendments”

Mathilde Panot and the deputies of her group will “obstruct” the pension reform which will be discussed for ten days in the National Assembly.

“We intend to file thousands of amendments and I announce that we will withdraw and file them to be able to discuss”, advanced the elected representative of Val-de-Marne.

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