payment date. When will you be paid?

Energy check: when will we receive the payment?

At the end of 2022, the government will offer a variety of energy vouchers to be given to people with the lowest incomes to combat the consequences of inflation. This led to an increase in the cost of gasoline and electricity and plunged many French people into greater precariousness. By maintaining the tariff shield and blocking the increase in the price of energy in 2023, and by providing energy vouchers, the government hopes that they will reduce the effect of these price increases. Date of payment of the energy check as well as the fuel check and the wood check… we give you the main payment dates.

Payment of the 2023 energy voucher: when?

The 2023 energy check is awarded each year to millions of low-income households. He is granted according to the composition of the householdand its amount could be increased in 2023.

Indeed, discussions are underway and the ceiling for the energy check in 2023 could be reviewed. This is great news for households trying to pay their electricity and gas bills.
The energy check is issued in early spring. It usually happens at the end of March until end of April. The exact date may differ depending on the department.

Exceptional energy cheque, wood cheque, fuel cheque… when is it for?

People who benefit from the energy check will be entitled to this aid from the beginning of December 2022. Millions of French people can benefit from this exceptional energy check, and also receive aid ranging from 100 to 200 euros.

People who heat themselves with fuel also have the option of receiving fuel vouchers ranging from 100 to 200 euros. the payment started on November 8, 2022.

The latest aid to date is the wood check and it should be sent to eligible beneficiaries before mid-December 2022. To obtain this aid, you must heat with wood or pellets and respect certain resource ceilings.

Do not forget that all these aids are cumulative!

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