Pavel Nedved asked for Massimiliano Allegri’s header

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Only eighth with 10 points in 7 days, the Vecchia Signora made a mediocre start to the season and their coach Massimiliano Allegri was particularly targeted for the performances of his team. Juventus director Pavel Nedvěd is saddened by the poor results of his team. The 50-year-old Czech, who was not in favor of the return of Massimiliano Allegri in the summer of 2021, would have pushed for his departure according to the Corriere della Sera

The image of the former playmaker shot down against Monza in the stands has made the rounds on social media and is a testament to Pavel Nedvěd’s desire to move on. However, the club’s economic situation makes things complicated. On September 16, Andrea Agnelli opposed Pavel Nedvěd’s proposal to dismiss Massimiliano Allegri. Weakened, the Italian coach nevertheless remains in play thanks to his contract and the bloodless finances of his club.

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