Owners of undeclared weapons in France invited by the government to get rid of them

More than 300 sites are opening their doors on Friday, November 25, in mainland France and overseas, as part of a vast operation of“voluntary abandonment” and registration of undeclared weapons, which runs until December 2.

According to an “empirical” estimate by the Ministry of the Interior, five to six million weapons, found or acquired by inheritance, are held irregularly in France. For eight days, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., their owners can therefore go to police stations and gendarmeries to dispose of them or have them registered in the information system on weapons (SIA).

“Individuals who take one or the other step during this unprecedented, simple and free operation, will not incur any legal or administrative proceedings on the basis of the transport or possession without authorization of weapons”promises the ministry on its site.

The issues are multiple. It is as much a question of avoiding domestic accidents and neighborhood conflicts as of participating in the fight against intra-family violence. Every year 8,000 weapons are also stolen, and the aim of the operation is also to prevent them from entering criminal networks.

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Collection possible at home

For people with reduced mobility or residing in the Paris region, home collection is also possible in order to avoid traveling with weapons in this densely populated area.

Abandonment is possible for all types of weapons (firearms, handguns, edged weapons, small ammunition with a caliber of less than 20 mm), but only firearms can be registered. Beyond December 2, abandonment will remain possible, as was already the case before, but the absence of administrative or legal proceedings for illegal possession or transport of a weapon will no longer be guaranteed.

In France, five million individuals – mainly hunters, sports shooters, biathletes and a few collectors – legally own firearms and two million guns belong to dead people, according to the interior ministry. Municipal police officers are also authorized to possess a weapon. There are also some 40,000 agents from the RATP, SNCF, security companies, members of shooting clubs (about 70,000), to which are added professionals, such as some 2,500 gunsmiths in the country. .

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