Overheated session in the Assembly: “You’re going to close it!” Launches a deputy on the question of unvaccinated caregivers

The end of the session which focused on the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers Thursday, November 24 in the evening at the National Assembly could not be more lively.

It’s hot in the hemicycle! Yesterday evening, Thursday November 24, and while the agenda was reserved for the LFI group for its parliamentary niche, the exchanges were lively between the oppositions and the government about the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers to the point of provoking a suspension of the session.

The cause ? The deputy of Guadeloupe Olivier Serva (LIOT group) was so annoyed at not being able to be heard during his speech that he launched a “you’re going to close it!” to a Renaissance deputy.

You use small subterfuges, like your ideals, you smear democracy with your baseness, you are in the minority, accept it”, he will resume then.

“It’s not possible…”

Immediate response from the session president: “Ah no! We can’t come to invectives in this way. The session is suspended” and to finish her sentence, visibly annoyed: “It’s not possible…”

The elected ultramarine denounced the techniques used to slow down the debates. Because in the overseas departments the question of reintegrating caregivers is a public issue. Several deputies had precisely made the trip to express their anger at the “contempt of the government” at the situation of health establishments outside the metropolis.

“With us, those who have a complete vaccination schedule, it is less than 20%”, launched another deputy from overseas.

“People are dying in our house on stretchers, we only accept (not) the deputies of La République en Marche (previous name of Renaissance, editor’s note) with their sly smiles or that Mr. Véran with his legendary arrogance come to despise us “, for his part stormed the deputy of Martinique Jean-Philippe Nilor (LFI), reports the HuffingtonPost.

No vote

A technique of obstruction which obviously worked, with great reinforcement of suspension of meeting and point of order, the text was not adopted.

Government spokesman Olivier Véran denounced “a level of tension never seen in parliament in twelve years”. “I would have liked you to put the same energy when it was necessary to vote for difficult measures to protect the French, such as curfews.”

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