Only geniuses (+140 IQ) manage to form 2 squares with 2 matches

Visual IQ test: if you manage to carry out all these tests you are a genius, that is to say more than 140 points of Intelligence Quotient!

Visual puzzles to assess your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) are more and more numerous on the Internet. This is normal, because in addition to developing the sense of observation, solving them is rather fun.

Among the many visual tests that exist on the web, there are some easy and some not so easy. But the one we are going to show you is known to be quite complex. Moreover, some people do not hesitate to say that those who manage to solve it are geniuses. Are you ready ? So let’s go !

What is the purpose of online IQ challenges?

Social networks today are full of challenges. Internet users have fun with them because not only is solving them fun, but they also allow them to measure their intelligence. It should be noted that it was especially during the period of confinement that these challenges became more and more numerous. Personality test, IQ test, visual challenge, there are already thousands of them.

On the other hand, even if they are very successful, these tests do not really have scientific validity. So if you’re having trouble solving one, don’t think you have bad skills, because you don’t. Quite simply because it is difficult to measure a person’s intellectual abilities with a single test.

qi genius

Now that you know all that, let’s get down to business. We are going to present you a test that will allow you to measure your observation skills. The test in question comes in the form of a riddle, and only a handful of people have managed to complete it. What’s great about this challenge is that it doesn’t just develop a person’s observation skills. It also increases the ability to notice every little detail. So if you want to train your mind, try your luck.

The match test

The advantage of taking IQ tests over the Internet is that you can solve the puzzles anywhere. At home, on the subway, at work, etc. This way you can constantly exercise your brain and improve your skills.

iq test

The more determined can also use objects and do the tests in real life. For today’s test, a few matches are enough. Indeed, the challenge is to get two squares by moving two matchsticks. It’s not at all easy. To succeed, you will need to be cunning.

So, did you succeed? If the answer is yes, congratulations, because you are one of the few people to have solved the test. But if you didn’t manage to form two squares, that’s okay. Like you, many people have failed. It doesn’t mean you have a low IQ. And then, the main thing is to have fun.

Other QIw/h3 tests>

So much for the correspondence test. Now let’s discover another challenge. It consists of looking carefully at a photo of two horses, then guessing which one has the head in front.

As with the test of the match, to pass this test, you must have a good sense of observation. You have to be very careful, and above all not to rush, because it is far from obvious.

This is also why few people have managed to find the right answer.

Those who have succeeded have had to exercise a great deal of patience and thought. As we said above, the Internet is full of challenges.

Are you a genius according to these tests?

And if you liked the two that we have just shown you, you will surely find others even more fun and instructive. For example, you can complete the lost dog challenge. In summary, you must find a dog that his master has lost in a park.


You are shown the image of a very colorful park, where you will see people, a lake, birds, a bridge, a woman saddened because she lost her dog, and you have to locate the animal. To help you find the animal, there is its photo on the poster near the sad woman. This challenge is just as difficult as the first two, and just as fun. So don’t wait any longer and go in search of the lost dog!

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