North: a couple discovered dead, the man would have killed his wife before committing suicide

What drama was tied inside this house? The bodies of a septuagenarian and her 80-year-old husband were discovered Thursday morning at their home in Capinghem (North). The husband would have killed his wife before committing suicide, according to the first elements of the investigation.

It was the couple’s daughter who discovered her deceased parents, said the prosecution, confirming information from the Voix du Nord. The 73-year-old woman was “ill”, according to the prosecution. “Initial findings point to gun deaths. The woman would have died first. The man would then have turned a weapon against him, ”added the prosecution.

The prosecution has carried out forensic investigations, and entrusted the investigation to the Urban Security of Lille.

The couple had been living in this small town for a long time, reports La Voix du Nord. Nothing foreshadowed such a tragedy, according to the mayor.

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