Nolwenn Leroy sublime and sexy: jumpsuit open to the chest and high heels, she is unleashed!

Who says new year, says start of new programs on the channels and as much to say that TF1 is expected at the turn. Not only are viewers eagerly awaiting the new season of Koh Lantawhose first teaser was announced during the FIFA World Cup in December, but it’s not the only show they can’t wait to find. The Voice Kids is part of it too. For the new season, Nolwenn Leroy will occupy a red armchair alongside Slimane, Kendji Girac and Patrick Fiori.

On her Instagram account, in story (see our slideshow), Arnaud Clément’s companion revealed behind the scenes of her shoot for the needs of the show, reposted from the account of her stylist, Jérôme Baud. A tradition of The Voice Kids during which Nolwenn Leroy revealed herself like never before. In a tight blue and white jumpsuit revealing part of her belly, and open at the level of the chest, the mother of Marin, 5 years old, was unrecognizable. The beautiful brunette, under the guidance of her stylist, started dancing in a rather sexy way and playing the game of shooting to the fullest, an attitude that we have rarely seen in her so far!

A bad memory left in the Star Ac

This should restore the image of Nolwenn Leroy a little since his highly criticized passage during the final of the star Academy last November. During this ultimate bonus, which saw Anisha crowned big winner in front of Louis, Léa and Enola, the former academic star attracted the wrath of viewers, greatly annoyed by her attitude on the set.

The one who was to accompany Enola in her final and push her to give the maximum of herself completely missed her mission. She was not only blamed for not letting him sing enough on her song Broken, which they both interpreted, but she was also singled out for her immense clumsiness. At the end of their performance, Nolwenn Leroy did not fail to show all his admiration and support… to Louis, Enola’s great rival! Needless to say that at the time, a link had “broken” with the public, it is the case to say it.

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