news to come on your invoices and your customer area

Orange, Free, SFR and Bouygues Telecom subscribers: new things to come on your bills and your customer area

It will soon no longer be necessary to bend over backwards to retrieve the PTO reference on your fiber box. The four operators will make it accessible directly on the customer area and the bills of their fixed subscribers.

For greater simplicity in the event of moving in or changing operator, the four national operators are now committed to including the reference of the optical terminal socket of their fiber optic subscriber customers (FttH), “on online customer areas from July 1, 2023 and on invoices from December 31, 2023”, announces this November 24 the Arcep. This is the PTO number listed on their fiber box at their home.

This reference makes it possible to identify a fiber optic network outlet in the operators’ information systems. Such a unique and permanent reference is assigned by the infrastructure operator to each fiber socket in its network when connecting a room, when first subscribing to fiber.explains the regulator.

This is a step forward for subscribers to make it easier and more reliable to order a fiber subscription in premises that have already been connected. The indication of the Optical Terminal Port reference on the invoice and the customer area “has the advantage for users of being able to simply obtain the reference for taking their accommodation at any time. This makes it possible in particular to facilitate the procedures in the event of moving in or changing operator while making order taking more reliable”further indicates the regulator.

The optical terminal socket (PTO) is a small white box fixed to the wall. This is the socket on which to connect your fiber box to access the FTTH network. It is installed by the technician during the first connection of the room to the fibre.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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