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Sexual violence: they accuse PPDAcase

While an investigation is underway after the accusations against the former JT presenter, authors have just filed a complaint and alerted the courts to rape and sexual assault. According to their accounts, PPDA took advantage of its position in the world of books to abuse them.

In the sprawling case against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, two new complaints, for rape and sexual assault which are not subject to prosecution due to the statute of limitations, were filed this month. Another report, relating to an accusation of rape, also time-barred, was sent to the public prosecutor in charge of the second preliminary investigation in the case (a first had been dismissed in June 2021), opened on the sidelines of a training also in progress.

Release met the three women behind these legal actions. A common point emerges through their stories: they take place in the world of publishing, of which PPDA has long been a powerful figure, published by the most prestigious publishing houses and having vehicles of influence with its literary programs. . They raise the question of the complacency of an environment where many people knew the behavior of the star with regard to women. Requested by Release, PPDA’s lawyer replied not wanting to comment: “The position of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor is known


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