Near Perpignan: a 3-year-old dog dies after being shot

The facts occurred this Sunday, November 20, at the end of the morning.

It is around 11.30 a.m. on Sunday, November 20, when a family from Baho goes to the house they are building, avenue des Albères. “We were going back and forth between the car and the house, when we saw our dog Rubi, an almost three-year-old boxer, staggering towards us”, explains Julie, the owner of the dog. The animal was on the couple’s property, “electrified so the dogs can’t get out”she adds.

The young dog collapses. “When my companion picked her up to put her in the car and take her to the vet, we saw that she had a bleeding wound. He arrived there, five minutes later she would die “, laments its owner. At the veterinary practice, the observation is clear: “We were certified that it was a bullet, which crossed it from side to side at the level of the flank”.

The gendarmerie of Saint-Estève, warned, immediately moved: “We could still hear gunshots near the canal. And according to neighbors, there was shooting all morningadds the mother of the family. We are trying to find out if there was an organized hunting party.”

The dog’s owners have launched an appeal for witnesses on Facebook to collect information in order to understand what happened. A complaint was filed for “willful attack on the life of a domestic animal tamed on an individual dwelling” with the gendarmerie of Saint-Estève. An investigation is underway.

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