Morning or evening: when is the best time to take a shower?

Morning or evening: when is the best time to take a shower?
Both have advantages

Whether we prefer to shower in the morning, to get out of the inertia of sleep, or in the evening, to relax and lie down clean in our sheets, showering in the morning or in the evening has different advantages.

Shower in the morning

Showering in the morning wakes us up effectively. The circadian rhythm – the internal clock of the human body, with a cycle of around 24 hours, which dominates physiological processes such as sleep and food – causes a rise in temperature. The hotter the shower, the more effective the alarm will be.

This morning shower also helps to get rid of traces of perspiration and excess sebum accumulated during the night.

Take a shower at night

It is true that showering in the evening eliminates the bacteria accumulated during the day. These can disrupt the skin microbiota. The latter defends the skin naturally, protecting it from external threats. It contains good bacteria for the body, but also accumulates pathogens, which cause disease. They pile up throughout the day. In addition, the skin regenerates during the night.

In addition, by showering at night, the moisturizers that we apply have more time to be absorbed, because we have the opportunity to stay naked longer.

Finally, avoid going to bed with wet hair, as this risks damaging your hair by breaking the hair cuticle.

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