more aggressive this Thursday, Amazon disgusts all its rivals

Throughout Black Friday, Amazon revealed thousands of deals every day. Between the number 1 in e-commerce, but also Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty, the opportunities for doing business are massive. Discounts being extremely numerous all over the web, we have put together a small list of the best current flash sales, here it is.

Black Friday arouses great enthusiasm during the month of November. Amazon and its colleagues are beset by a public ready to save money. Half of the people present for this operation want to get a head start on Christmas gifts so that it will be cheaper. The neatest have already started shopping for the holidays, which explains why several deals are already sold out. These should increase throughout the day, do not wait when you see an offer that interests you.

The best deals of 2022 are available

Amazon is the merchant that has contributed to the expansion of the Black Friday operation around the world, including in France. For several years, the special operation has therefore taken place in France every November. Thanks to this event, it can boast of being the leading e-commerce site in France ahead of its counterparts represented by Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty.

During Black Friday, Amazon opens its offers to everyone. The event therefore marks an opposition to Prime Friday where you must be a member of the loyalty program to benefit from the discounts. Millions of people in France are eagerly awaiting this opportunity. Everyone knows that this is the best time of year to find very low prices at the merchant. This is confirmed again in this edition.

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Black Friday is an operation at Amazon and its rivals. All the merchants focus on often new offers during the event, this is also the case this week. Thus, it raises the level of balances, knowing that this one which only plummets over the years. This is becoming a simple period meant to empty inventory of unsold goods as November continues to attract crowd interest by being more upscale.

To capture public interest during Black Friday, Amazon and other online merchants are targeting big brands. The offers relate to best-sellers, premium references or recent products. This Thursday, you have the chance to find nuggets on several articles signed Apple, Bose, Sony, Microsoft Philips, Xiaomi… All the big names in tech are targeted during this special operation. Many products are entitled to price reductions never seen since their launch.

Why is Black Friday so popular?

Black Friday without Apple isn’t really Black Friday, Amazon knows that. As a result, the merchant is heavily dropping the prices of laptops in the range. This concerns even the youngest models in the range, such as the MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro M2. The discounts exceed -10%, which never happens the rest of the year when offers are aimed at Apple brand devices.

On the smartphone side, Amazon is also magnanimous during Black Friday. If you are looking for a high-end model, the Galaxy S22 Ultra for less than 1,000 euros or the excellent iPhone 13 should be chosen. For mid-range smartphones, the Google Pixel 6a accompanied by an unprecedented price should meet all your expectations.

For this Black Friday, Amazon is also delighting the public with classics. We appreciate finding Philips Hue bulbs at a very advantageous price, especially since this range remains the essential in its segment. If you want to personalize your interior by varying the colors and intensity of your lights during the winter, that’s perfect. Several brand references come with discounts on Amazon. On the connected object side, Netatmo’s smart thermostat is also displayed at a reduced price, an opportunity to easily adjust your heating at home as well as remotely by saving energy.

Dyson is not left out during Black Friday. The brand is present on its official website, we have the Dyson V12 and V15 stick vacuum cleaners at a low price. Last year, the official store had done the same on its bestsellers and everything had disappeared in less than a morning. Once again, these are high potential offers that may not remain in effect until the end of the day, they will be unavailable shortly.

A strong safety net on Amazon

This edition of Black Friday is top of the line at Amazon, and so are the perks that come with Amazon deals when you checkout. Once again, the American leader remains the best with a withdrawal period postponed to January 31, 2023. In comparison, most of the players present for this operation remain on the traditional 14 days in France.

With such a long withdrawal period on Amazon, Black Friday takes on another dimension. The event becomes even crazier because this little detail is the one that gives you the opportunity to start the holidays without waiting. You can take your gifts at a low price during this operation and then return them during the month of January if they have not convinced their recipient.

Last year, Amazon dispersed its deals over 10 days during Black Friday, it is following the same strategy this year. However, the previous edition informed the public that the stock shortages appeared from the first days and that there was almost nothing left for the date of Friday, November 25. The merchant doing the same this year, it should be the same for the result.

Deals on Amazon are available, and it’s here:

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