Mario and sport, 32 things you didn’t know

Game News Mario and sport, 32 things you didn’t know

Mario is a 2D and 3D platform through adventures all more exciting, one than the other, thanks to perfectly mastered gameplay. But the mustachioed plumber also shines in sport, and those, regardless of the discipline. We invite you to discover 32 anecdotes about sport, Mario style.

Mario and sport: a great love story

The mustachioed plumber having been a great success from its beginnings, Nintendo quickly understood that to decline it on several styles of play would allow the license to shine. It is for this reason that it was not long before we saw our dear Mario playing golf, going karts or even tennis with the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. Thus were born Mario Golf, Tennis, Strikers and of course Mario Kart, a real institution today. The sports formula worked so well for Mario, that he even had the right to a partnership with the Olympic Games, along with his rival, Sonic the blue hedgehog. Whatever the sport, the plumber seems to adapt to any sports practice. Today, there is one that returns after a long absence: football, with Mario Strikers: Battle League Football.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football presents itself as the culmination of the formula by offering a whole host of new features. Between customizations, tackle system, and perfect strike, players will know what to spend their time on this summer. You can also add pieces of equipment to your captain to improve his statistics. With 10 different characters planned at launch, Mario Striker intends to expand its content with the help of free updates, offering new characters, in the months to come. There is of course the arrival of Hyper Strikes, acting as Ultra, in order to strike a phenomenal goal at your opponent. In short, Mario Strikers promises to be a Must Have for the Nintendo Switch, in particular thanks to its frenzied multiplayer.

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