Marine Le Pen changes foot

ALAIN JOCARD / AFP Marine Le Pen, here on November 4 in the National Assembly, finally opens the door to the constitutionalization of abortion.


Marine Le Pen, here on November 4 in the National Assembly, finally opens the door to the constitutionalization of abortion.

ABORTION – No more statements about ” comfort abortions » that Marine Le Pen denounced in 2012, arguing that some women used abortion as « a method of contraception » and that she was even considering « refund “.

Just a week ago, the president of the RN group in the National Assembly closed the door to any constitutionalization of abortion, in the columns of the JDDensuring that ” no political party in France is calling for the abolition of this right. I do not quite understand the danger to which this request for constitutionalization must respond, ” evacuated the boss of the far-right formation.

Change of mind in a week

As a month ago, when Marine Le Pen announced to everyone’s surprise that she had voted for the motion of censure of the NUPES, at the last moment, she finally changed her mind on this subject. According to information from RTL, confirmed by The HuffPostthis Monday, October 21 afternoon, the president of the RN tabled an amendment – in her name only – to the bill of La France Insoumise aimed at constitutionalizing abortion, accepted in committee in particular thanks to the votes of Renaissance and which will be debated in the hemicycle on Thursday 24 November.

Marine Le Pen is therefore positioning herself for the constitutionalization of abortion, for the first time, but does not wish to see the same formulation adopted as that of LFI which is “ too big “, according to the secretary general of the RN group in the Assembly, Renaud Labaye. In the text carried by Mathilde Panot, leader of the LFI deputies, it would be enshrined in the Constitution: “ No one may infringe the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy and contraception. The law guarantees to any person who so requests free and effective access to these rights. “.

“Nothing prevents asking for an abortion at 9 months in the text of LFI”, Renaud Labaye, secretary general of the RN group at the National Assembly.

Marine Le Pen, she wants to stick to the public health code which specifies the legal deadline for voluntary termination of pregnancy: fourteen weeks. ” Our writing reassures those who think that abortion would be called into question and those who find that their writing goes much too far: nothing would prevent with the text of the Insoumis from going to 16, 18 weeks or even 9 months. “, believes the latter. He specifies that an identical amendment will be tabled on the Renaissance text studied by the National Assembly on November 28.

A way especially for Marine Le Pen – who seeks by all means to normalize – to silence the critics of those who point to her former ambiguities on the subject, and the porosity of her movement with ultra-conservative Catholic groups opposed to the ‘abortion. ” She is the only signatory because we know that some might find it difficult to vote for it », concedes his adviser Renaud Labaye for whom this turnaround “allows things to be clarified for Marine Le Pen and to show that there is no ambiguity “.

If there is very little chance that this amendment will be adopted, it will remain for Marine Le Pen to position herself on the text, including without this addition. And especially to his group to position itself on a subject which is far from being unanimous internally. While the freedom to vote is total in the RN group on social issues, the amendment of its president will also serve as a test to see how many of the 89 elected members of the National Rally are actually for the defense of abortion even in the Constitution.

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