Marie Trintignant, her son Jules not spared at his death: “We had to leave him no hope”, Samuel Benchetrit says

Died on the night of July 23 to 24, 2003 under the blows of Bertrand Cantat, Marie Trintignant had four children: Roman, born in 1986 and whose father is Richard Kolinka, Paul, born in 1993, whose father is François Cluzet, Léon born in 1996 from his mother’s love for Mathias Othnin-Girard, and finally Jules, born in 1998, and whose father is Samuel Benchetrit. Aged 5 when his mother died, Jules witnessed Bertrand Cantat’s incarceration, then his conditional release in 2007, then total release in 2010. A hard blow for the young boy who had asked for his dad how to react if he were to meet his mum’s killer one day.

Interviewed by The world, Samuel Benchetrit had revealed what words he had said to his son to reassure him about this sordid eventuality. “Our son is a masterpiece […] Embodied dignity and courage. He never talked about this case, no doubt so as not to hurt me, but he always understood everything. When the other [Bertrand Cantat ndlr] came out of prison, he felt a certain anguish: “And if I meet him…?” Well you will be big, strong, free my son. And I think he will be much more afraid than you.” he said.

He will be much more afraid than you

Faced with journalists from JDDthe actor had also confided how he had tried to appease his son at the time of the death of his mother: “When Marie died, I went to see the doctors who helped me talk to her. It shouldn’t be a family secret. Then, around the time of the trial, we traveled a lot.” Life-saving trips for the young boy who had just experienced one of the worst traumas that a child can experience.

Similarly, a doctor friend had advised Samuel Benchetrit a lot on how to accompany his son in mourning his mother. “He advised me to be very clear, to leave him no hope, to make him understand that he would never see her again, even if she appeared in his dreams. And take her to the funeral, for after, for later“, had confided the current husband of Vanessa Paradis to the journalists of SHE.

Very close to his sister Saul (fruit of the love between his father and Anna Mouglalis), Jules is now following in his mother’s footsteps as he begins a promising career in cinema. He thus obtained his first role in a film by his father, At Gino’sin 2011 then starred with Liza Azuelos in the film An encounter, in 2014 but also in Asphaltin 2015.

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