manufacturers call for vigilance on counterfeits

The Union of Manufacturers warns of “Attractive offers and extraordinary promotions” that are likely to be offered.

It has now been 10 years since France adopted Black Friday. Beginning this coming Friday, November 25, this edition will, as always, be accompanied by a risk of increased sales of counterfeit products.

The Union of Manufacturers (Unifab, bringing together some 200 French companies) recalls that this trade is responsible for nearly 7 billion euros in lost direct sales in France, and per year. Health and environmental dangers also co-exist.

“Unscrupulous sellers”

Thus in its press release, the association warns: “Attractive offers and extraordinary promotions constitute a godsend for unscrupulous sellers who do not hesitate to deceive consumers by selling them counterfeits”.

Products which are then “synonymous with dangers to health and safety, the environment, as well as the economy”. Mostly from China, they have a carbon footprint “disastrous”and “Their manufacture is the cause of massive spills of toxic products in nature”.

Nearly 40,000 jobs cut

According to Unifab, this trade is only profitable to the “organized crime and mafia networks”and it is the cause of “1.34 billion euros in lost taxes and 38,000 jobs lost each year”.

As for the victims, they are most often young, which makes the president of Unifab Christian Peugeot say:

At a time when 80% of young Europeans feel concerned about preserving the planet (according to a study carried out by the ObSoCo institute for Greenpeace France in February 2022, editor’s note), buying counterfeit products amounts to endorsing what the we condemn and jeopardize the common efforts that we must make to protect the environment.

Black Friday: 37% of consumers deceived

In 2020, and again according to Unifab, more than one in three consumers (37%) acquired a counterfeit in good faith. A rate that rises to 43% among 15-24 year olds.

Last digit? A large majority of people (7 out of 10) who have already purchased products online plan to participate in Black Friday this year, according to the results of a survey by the Toluna Harris Interactive Institute on behalf of the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad).

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